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January 31, 2007



missed you at the spinning tonight!
Hope you are well!


Those are really interesting things. I can't believe the food one - you're so slim! I'll have to go away and think of some secrets I can share too!


Lol, #5 is the same for me too... Hmmmm, now to think up some secrets...


Wow! I would have never guessed you for the former wild child type!

P.S. You were on my original tag list for this meme but I thought you wouldn't like to do this as you said in your last post that you didn't like sharing personal things. I'm glad you did end up doing it though - it was an interesting read!


I'm right there with you on #5!! I cry if a sad song comes on the radio or a sappy commercial. I cry almost everyday after I drop my last child off at school and realize I'm all alone for the day. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! That is so cool about the tatoos!


OH NO YOU DIDN'T!! I've never been tagged & now I have to share personal things ... eeek!!

It was nice to discover some things about you I wouldn't have expected.. (you're too skinny to really be a foodie). I wonder if I'll shock anyone with mine.

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