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February 25, 2007



Hi !
your flair is very beautifull ! I'm a french knitter (please excuse my bad english), and I just begin my Flair. Could you please tell me the size you have choiced ? Many thanks !

carrie m

oh, i love flair! how did i miss this pattern? it's so lovely and jaunty. must make it.

Silver ilix

wow, that Flair looks great!


It's so great to have photos on your blog again! I've missed seeing you & your knitting. I can see why you didn't pass up those buttons. They make the sweater abslutely PERFECT. They add a definite style that says "class"! Congrats on knitting a beautiful sweater. It's nice to have something perfect after the tragedy with the deep v.


Flair looks great on you!! It looks more like a sweater than a coat - I like it.


Flair looks beautiful. The style and colour really suit you. I'm so glad that you aren't feeling too sad about your Eunny top.


Love the sweater! Glad you liked your package!


WOW, looks fab on you!!!


Love your sweater! I can't wait to knit mine. I receive the green BSA cotton and thought it a bit too much, now I am waiting for the indigo blue - can't wait. How long did it take you?


You look fabulous in Flair! You've really made me think about this one. Yours looks different than Wendy's....maybe a little more fitted. Or maybe you just have better "real life" pictures (as opposed to "model-weird-angles" pics). I LOVE yours though! and you know I can't resist a quick knit! I think the buttons you chose are perfect too!


It looks good on you, that is what counts! I would love tosee it go even longer, like mid-bum. I might have to try that sweater someday, you have good taste. I like your idea about the purse & I have to tell you that the first sweater I ever made got mixed in with my darks somehow & completely shrunk! I cut of the sleeves & gave them to my daughter as leg warmers, cut the turtleneck off & pitched it, took the back and front, stitched it together & bought some handles. It is fairly flat so I call it my magazine bag. I slip a few mags in when I am going to the Dr's, on a long car ride.


flair is gorgeous! Now I want to make that too! Wendy is very talented! As I was reading (out loud) your post about deep v, my husband came into the room and sat down and said, "oh no, it didn't" and I wasn't even to the point where it felted! But he knew already! Can you tell he lives in a house with lots of fiber?! You have such a positive attitude about it though!


Aw, Lara. I'm still so sorry about it, but I suppose the learning experience is invaluable, yes? I'd still be a bit nauseous though :)
Flair is gorgeous! I love the shortened sleeve. I think I need to find a way to knit faster (in all of my spare do you other moms of many do it?) in order to accomodate both my stash and my love for new FOs!


That was a very quick knit - I like Flair, but because I am short waisted, I think it would look like a huge balloon on me!

Good luck with the deep v vest - I am sure your daughter will love it, Iknow mine would!

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