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May 16, 2007



fun facts! I quit smoking too, but occasionally do during a night out. It's a hard habit to completely kick and I think I'm as good as I'm gonna get.


Hey Little Girl,

I have always wondered when you were going to fess up to the cigarettes I found in your car trunk. After all these years without a word from either of us, you finally came clean. As to who I was protecting more? well, that’s for you and mom to figure out.

Maybe I’ll post a few more little fun things for your friends to read about you on your blog. After all, I do know a few things about you. I do enjoy your blog, it is fun to read and look through.


At the risk of sounding naive, what is a clove? And yes, I did have the cop scare you a little!! I love my top, and I want to thank everybody for the nice comments. And especially, thank you to my beautiful daughter for just being who she is!


Interesting facts! I used to smoke too on and off in high school and college and am so glad I quit now!


ohhh i need to do this. ok i will


Wait a second .. doesn't the 8 things meme I posted last week count?

I LOVE reading all your TMI. You're so cute!

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