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November 17, 2006



Wow, another great FO. It looks really cute on you. I like the garter hem much better than the original hem. I think I'm going to add this to my list, it seems like everytime you finished a project I'm adding the same one to my list, that list is getting longer and longer fast...LOL. You sure have great taste in style. I really enjoy reading your blog!


The Marylin's is great. I've also fallen in love with the Yarnplay book, and your current project is one of the many I want to knit. I'll be curious to see how yours turns out!


You look so adorable in that cardigan!! I can't wait to make mine...I've had the yarn for a long time now but other projects keep coming up...LOL, you know how it is!! The color looks really versitile too! That's a good idea about adding the garter stitch border....I haven't read the directions in detail yet but tacking down the hems seems like too much work for me.


How is it that all your knits looks so perfect? I LOVE Marilyn's Cardigan & now I'll have to add it to my "must knit" items.

So you're trying your hand at designing now? WOW!!


The cardigan looks really good on you. How great that you are designing a sweater. You seem to have a good eye for style so I'm sure it will be lovely.


LOVE Marilyn's NSS Cardigan! This is really cute on you. You pick all the same sweaters I like so it is great to read your blog and see them made up!

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