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February 24, 2007



No, no no -- there is something you can do with felted knits to make them "let go." Now if I could only remember which blog I read about it. Hair conditioner? Maybe that was it. Good luck.


AHHHH! I'm "hurting" for you! Thank goodness it wasn't expensive yarn, but oh my gosh all that time that you feel was wasted on it. This is *SO* something I would do. Maybe it's not the worst thing in the world if you can manage to shrink to fit your daughter or make a great bag out of it. You definitely learned some new skills knitting it so it's not a total loss, but oh how awful I'm feeling for you! WAAAA!


it is so beautiful! that is so sad that it felted!
have you been treadling? see you thursday! :-)


Oh my god! That is terrible. I feel so sad for you. All that beautiful work. I hope that soaking it works. It still looks beautiful so I'm sure you will be able to use it in some way.


Boy-o-Boy... I feel your pain... like others have said turn it into a handbag and agree that it looks good despite all that it has gone through.


My stomach turned when I read the words "Deep V" because I know firsthand what happens to Merino Style when it gets wet. I ended up taking a hairdryer to my Starsky to shrink the sleeves that grew 10" after wet. I am so very sorry- and I would have cried. If you can't wear it I say make a bag with leather handles. I gotta go lie down now...


Oh, my friend, that is such a shame. I for one, do not think there is anything you can do, once it is felted, it is felted.

But hey - you did the steeks right, the colour work right - so that has to count for something!

I tried not to do things with the kids around - I can WAY TOO distracted too.


Hi Lara,

1) I don't know what to say about the Deep V. I would just say in the future, when it comes to wool, keep it away from anything "warm". And make sure you set a timer to go off to remind you it is done soaking...setting the stove timer has saved many a project for me. =)
If all else fails, it will make an excellent purse! Just slap on some cool handles, sew in a neat fabric for lining, and voila! Everyone is going to want one. =)

2) I, like Emily, am dieing to see your finished Flair. I too have done the search for finished ones..and not a single one yet. I really want to make one of my own..but I am not sure if I like it yet. LOL. I know that does not make sense..

3) I posted about it on my blog, but I wanted to let you know that I did recieve the brilla, and it is beautiful! I am going to have to whip out the old crochet hook and make that lace thing from Happy Hooker. Thanks again!


whoa I am so sorry. Can one of the girls fit into it?


I have to tell you that I gasp & say OOH GOD so loudly when I read your post that my husband came in & said "what happened" & I proceeded to show him your posts-though he didn't care--he said "geeze I though someone died or something"
i am so sorry for your loss, can your daughter wear it?


Oh no, what a story :( Well, I think you are a great knitter and I really enjoy seeing your projects. Better chance next time!


Oh no - sorry to hear about the Deep V, but the purse idea is a great one. I guess we all have to make mistakes sometime - now I bet you won't make another mistake for a long, long time as you've had your quota!


Oh Lara!! I really feel for you! Well, I guess you could save it for when your daughters get older.
I absolutely can't wait to see your Flair! I've been Googling and looking around blogland and haven't see a finished one yet.


Oh, you poor thing! I'm agreeing with the purse idea. At least it wouldn't be a total loss, and you did learn some new skills when knitting this, right? I'll laugh along with you.:)


Soak it again gets my vote...what do you have to lose, right? If not, I second Christy to felt the heck out of it and cut it for a purse.
I'd have cried, myself.

Christy / Not Hip

OH no! I often forget about knits that I leave soaking (and I don't even have the kids excuse), but so far I've been lucky. All I can say is that the pattern still look snazzy, so I would felt it some more and sew it into an awesome purse.

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