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March 23, 2007



Totally love Mentionable.. the color is superb...I can imagine that under a soft gray suit... and the socks rock... you SS Pal will love them. Your daughter is sooo uber adorable... and spinning.. WoW... you're so ambitious... love the color. Thanks for posting on my Oasis Halter Top. I made a Large note to myself.. Patterns... Learn to Write them out!!!


This looks GREAT!!!!!! I am STILL waiting to NOT be afraid to try socks....I have some sock yarn....but


The knits look great. I too love the magic loop I have not used double points since I learned this method. I also find it's easier on the wrists.

The handspun looks great! Enjoy these first thick yarns now because once you have more practice it's hard to get back to the thicker yarns. I've tried to make a nice thick yarn and I can't! Oh and I finsihed two square and will have them out on Monday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Nice yarn and very cute daughter!!

I hate moving knitting to waste yarn or other needles too.


That is sooooo col that you spun your own yarn - I am way jealous! Someday I will, it's gorgeous. Love the sock, I have never used the magic loop method. Can't wait to see the skirt, are you going to model it?


I usually lay (unused) plastic kitchen garbage bags under a super absorbent towel. Then on goes the ceiling fan. If it's not dry after a day or so, I'll add a circulating fan to the mix. Hope that helps.

I really like the yarn you have picked for your sweater.


I usually put a ceiling fan on in the room that it is drying in and I put it on those "super absorbent" towels because they help wick out the moisture from the garment. If it really taking a while to dry then I will move it to a dry towel but I've only had to do that on one super thick cotton store-bought sweater that I have.
You sock is really coming along nicely! glad you like the magic's my favorite method too!


Mentionable is looking lovely. I've been so busy this week that I'm only just catching up on blogs. Do you still need suares for you blanket, because if you do I would love to make one?


You could bring your skirt to my house. It's so hot here, it would dry in an afternoon!!

I absolutely adore that colorway you're using on Mentionable. It's going to be stunning!

Sophie is such a doll! What a cutie holding her yarn. She must be so excited. Little does she know or appreciate how talented her mommy is.


About the skirt (oh, and man, what nice yarn. I'm so impressed by spinners), do you have it pinned on something absorbent, like a towel? If so, the water has to go through the towel, then back out through the garment. Pin it over something like plastic, so it's the only wet thing. You did roll it in a towel, right? Or over a rack so it gets air from two sides. I can't wait to see it.

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