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March 16, 2007



WOW you are on a ROLL! Looking FANTASTIC!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. After seeing all your WIP's I now don't feel so badly about having a few of those myself. Maybe it is the weather? Lets just blame it on that!

The colors of your skirt is gorgeous but I'm totally in LOVE with the colors for the Tatami. YUMMY!! YUMMY! By the way, what sock pattern and sock yarn are you using?


My name is Amanda and I am a Knit-a-holic too! but wait...____a-holics generally want to quit so maybe I am just a knitting lush *wink*

I have quite a few projects on the needles and have only finished 1 thing this entire year! At least you have some FO's to show for your addiction. And you knit like the wind (or never sleep) so you should have them all finished in no time!


I LOVE the Tatami Kimono pattern - put didn't want to knit something so large on such small needles. But now that I have yarn, at least I think it will work, I want to make it too.

Damn you for having such great taste in knits because I want to knit them too.


I can’t wait to see the Daktari Skirt and I am actually drooling over the Tatami Kimono… my brain is swirling on how I can translate the picture into a crochet project… hehe... The Esme is dramatic with its detail stitching and will be a beautiful piece when finished.


Oooo! that little Rowan top is so cute! I think white will be perfect because then you can put any colored cami underneath and it will be the perfect balance! and I love the color your using for Tatami! the sleeve section does go slower...I'm still plugging away on mine.


Wow, you certainly have your hands full! Love the yarn for the skirt and I think you'd look great in Esme. Don't you love being a knit-a-holic?


Maybe you just have spring fever. I'm sure it will pass. Meanwhile it looks like you have lots of beautiful knits going. I love that Tatami Kimono pattern! The sock looks great. I really enjoyed that pattern too. I'm planning on knitting myself a pair. Have a great weekend!


lol! you are too kind! i have fun and i got alot spun thursday. the biggest distraction was the charka
actually in our fab weather today, i sent the kids to the yard, and spun a bit on the porch. goat hair is so much harder than i expected!
i can't wait to see what you have been spinning today!

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