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March 17, 2007



Oh that is so sad...
will email you now.


oh my awful is all of that?! my heart goes out to them.............e-mailing you now......


just realized my email was wrong in the last post...


I cannot even imagine the pain their poor family is going through. I would be honored to knit some squares... you are very thoughtful for doing this.


Just sent you an email. Thanks.



My heart is breaking for them right now. I can't imagine what they are going though. I will definately knit some squares to send to you. My thoughts and prayers are with them as well.


There's nothing more sad than the loss of a child. My prayers go out to the family. I would like you to knit a square. Any particular fiber?


count me in, I have some girly colored yarns


Ahh.. my heart is breaking for them! I would LOVE to knit a square so count me in! I'm sending thoughts and prayers their way.

Thanks for putting this together. On my next post I'll be sure and mention this.


i saw the prayer request wednesday. i am so sorry the lil boy was lost. i have been so worried for her being so close to delivery and have this to deal with.
i will make a square. or several depending on what the weeks do.


I have some pink and yellow yarn that would be just perfect for a square. Maybe I will make two! I will certainly be praying for this family as well!

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