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March 06, 2009



Oh I wanted to make these so bad! I love em! OMG moving again! I feel like you just got there! Yowza! Can't wait to see the pics


camille is adorable.......and so are her bella mitts.

i can't imagine spending that much on heating!!! good move to move!


Very cute mittens - your pre-teen is very pretty too. UGH on moving again - I would have had no idea about the propane either. Oh well, at least you will be eliminating that extra expense!!


Good luck with your move!! Love the mitts.


I am currently reading the Twilight series (I'm on book 2) and I'm totally not a pre-teen! I love the books so far and will be making myself a pair of those mitts as well! I feel your pain about the moving...we just sold our townhouse and will be moving May 1st. I'm not looking forward to the moving part, but the end result will be worth it!


The mittens are too cute on Camille!
Oh, I'm so sorry about the move again!!! moving takes such a toll on everyone! hang in there girl, like you say, it's just another bump in the road.


That cable is awesome. My daughter needs a pair of those, she is into the Twilight series as well! I can't believe how much Camille has grown up since I first found your blog. She is such a pretty girl.

Good luck with the move!

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