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March 05, 2009



Technology In Vet Medicine - order xanax This medication has many different properties to it including being a sedative, a hypnotic, an anticonvulsant, an anxiolytic, as well as a muscle relaxant in some patients. - xanax without prescriptions


I saw that show! I wondered about those bioidenticals....I'm dying to know how they work.. Chin up - you're's just a bump in the road of life! Love YA!


Oooo- Please, please! Have a complete thyroid check done; meaning: tests for both Grave's/Hashimoto's disease, TSH, T3, T4.

I am your age and I have BOTH Grave's/Hashimoto's manifested as depression, body out of whack, etc. With your nursing education you may know about it, but please do have it checked. If your levels are wrong, it will really mess with your body and emotions.

I hope you are feeling better. xoxo.


Bump in the road. I like that. Hang in there!!


Hormone issues are the worst. My answer is birth control pills - as we don't have kids on the agenda, I plan to stay on them til menopause and then go on hormones afterward!! My GYN is A-OK with this strategy and does the same thing herself. I haven't dealt with mood swings, bad skin, or water weight gain ever since I found the right pills. BTW, for me personally, a pill with more progesterone was NOT my friend. It was clearly not my happy hormone as I had all kinds of bad side effects from it.


Your therapist sounds very smart.

When I had cancer, I was awesome at dealing with it all. When it was mostly over is when I had the hardest time. Probably for the same reason, because at that time it felt safer to break down.

I will think good thoughts for you!


Wise therapist, methinks.

Taking action can help you feel much less crazy. Hang in there; you're not alone.


Wise therapist, methinks.

Taking some action can make you feel much less crazy, and I hope it really helps! You are definitely not alone.


Hormone related problems are so difficult to overcome. I am glad you are taking charge and that you are in control. I hope the various therapies work for you. I think that anything that throws life out of whack is so stressful. I have a lot of stress at work right now and the only thing that keeps me sane is my running (thank goodness I am over my injury more or less) and my work outs. Hugs. By the way, my vest pattern came from the Mirasol book and is called Lazaro. I have the actual name on my ravelry.


Sweetie, you have been through so much in the past year and still you are looking for ways to make your life better, more full and happy- I admire you.
I too built a wall to protect me during the rough times, and boy did it ever come crashing down after I felt everything would finally be okay. It sure will make you feel a bit on the crazy side. It will get better and better. I promise!

Susan - Knitters Delight

You are taking great, active steps towards a healthy life. Bravo! Hang in there!

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