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March 09, 2009



What? I can't believe you aren't happy with Snow White! But you must be sure before you frog it. Set it aside for a week or so and look at it with fresh eyes and maybe it won't be so bad!

On the positive side, your beret is super cute and fits you perfectly!

Have a great weekend.


you look absolutely fabulous in your meret.


Beautiful hat. The color is just perfect! I so understand about heading north....that's where I'm at now too, although farther south than you are, my dear!


I LOVE your Meret! Beautiful job. It is now in my Rav queue (because of yours) ;-).

Susan - Knitters Delight

That came out great. The perfect amount of slouch, too!


Meret and the mitts in your other post look great! Wow, you have a lot going on. Moving again...good luck! It is stressful but sounds like it will be worth it when your energy bills are more manageable. Hang in there!


Love Meret!! It's very cute on you. I'm really surprised you don't like Snow White! Can your arm be twisted to show a picture?


Love Meret!! Great color & looks fabulous on you!! I missed your last 2 posts-bummer about the "bumpy road"-but glad to hear that things are smoothing out! I think that "bumpy" is where we tend to learn life lessons & "smooth" is when we can appreciate those lessons learned!
Hope things are going well!
Great mittens modeled by your daughter (she is beautiful). My youngest is pre-teen, also. They grow up so fast, don't they?
Thinking of you--take care-

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