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June 25, 2009



The stole is absolutely beautiful, but not as beautiful as you!


This stole is beautiful! You did a great job. Love the yarn choice, too.


Beautiful shawl! Just gorgeous.


The stole turned out beautifully... almost as lovely as you. Terra loved it. That was so nice of you to knit it for her. She really appreciated all the time, effort and kindness you put into it.


Beautiful work. That turned out so well. It is such a romantic piece of knitting. The yarn looks amazingly soft and perfect for that project.


Oh wow, that is so beautiful. You are such a beautiful woman. I am sooo jealous. You did a great job on the stole. Arent you getting married pretty soon? Im just excited for you, thats all.


Beautiful stole! You look gorgeous in it. I didn't even notice the difference in the ends of the stole. You did a wonderful save with the bind off. Knitty should use your pics to model the stole. :)


I *love* that shawl!!!! I have some white stash yarn that I've been looking for something to use it on. Off to check out the pattern and see if I have enough yardage.

You look marvelous, BTW. Beautiful photos of you and the shawl. So happy for you that your special gift was so well received!


That shawl is stunning! (and so are you!) what a close call with the yarn! you made it work and no one will ever be the wiser!


I really, really like that!! I never saw that before. I like that it's knit with big needles too. Hmmmm...


You look gorgeous in these pictures. Really. I love the black & white combo.


The stole turned out great. Now I think I need to run and cast one on for me. You look great in that picture BTW.

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