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June 20, 2009



Oh no!!! I think it looks great on you - very flattering with the vertical lines. But, if you don't love it, off to the frog pond it should go . . .


Oooh! sorry about the frogging date! I would be so mad. But, I totally know what you mean. If I make something and it is not right I just won't wear it.


Hey you, thanks for the well wishes. You have inspired me to frog FORCAST. I hate the yarn I chose for it and I refuse to ever knit another sweater all purl. ( I have two guy prospects now. A girls gotta get it right sometime)

Susan - Knitters Delight

It takes a lot of strength to frog things that don't work. Too many of us keep FOs that we know we will never wear! Good for you.


Oh well, at least you moved on and ripped it!! I'm wondering if maybe I should rip mine too. Not so sure mine looks so hot either.


Oh kiddo ~ I'm sorry about that. You have a fantastic figure, but in the wrong outfit, nobody looks their best.

Enjoy the wedding and congratulations on finishing the shawl in time!


Well done with the frogging. I can totally understand why you did that and I'd have done it just the same. You've got a great body, but this knit made a balloon out of you. Great that it's gone.

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