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July 22, 2009



I see this pattern over and over on so many places but no where where I can get it--knit.1 does not sell
Please help


OMG! THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look superb!


super cute! it looks great with that belt, too.


Oh how gorgeous!!! what a beautiful FO!
How exciting that the wedding is finally almost here! I hope it is wonderful and please share some pictures with us afterwards!


It looks so good on you!!! I'm actually knitting the same top myself (and ironically the same yarn) but I only just finished the yoke part. Did you make any mods?


That is soooo cute on you! You definitely rock that top with a fab fit and perfect color choice :)


You are so beautiful! The top fits you perfectly and looks really nice. Is it the same one I saw you knitting at the pool--the color looks familiar. Nice work! You are definately gifted. :)

Susan - Knitters Delight

Seriously - this has to be one of the best tops ever. Gorgeous detail, design, and it is a sexy knit. Bravo.


Leaf Yoke top looks fabulous on you!!! Love the color, the fit, everything! Great job! And what a sweet guy to get you the magazine - awww.

Glad SP is going well, and YAY on your upcoming marriage!

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