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August 24, 2009


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Nice stuff you got, very interesting to read and certainly true what you say. Have four kids at school it's difficult in money and everything. It's even worst when both parents work all day. But in this case you're lock yo have a sweet husband.

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You have wonderful kids! How are you now they are in school? If you are like me, there is always something to do while they are gone, I can actually clean the house and keep it clean *until* my kids are out of school.

I gave up getting my 11yo to wear shoes. She will wear them to school, as it is a school rule, but the rest of the time it is near impossible. When she was a baby, I'd let her go barefoot as we lived in a warm climate and I had read it helps her feet develop better. When she started school, it was a problem. I had to compromise and let her wear sandals (which the school allowed). The only time she wears socks is when she is roller skating. As she grew older, she would wear tennis shoes to school, but would pull her shoes and socks off after school and stuff them in her backpack, walking home barefoot (a little under a mile).

Like you, I was concerned about her safety. I would ask her to wear her shoes home, but when I'd tell her I was concerned she'd get them cut on glass or get hurt, she'd tell me she -had- walked on broken glass before (accidentally) and it doesn't hurt her. Once I had her lay down on her bed and I looked over the bottoms of her feet. The skin was thick and her feet were tough. I lost my battle over it. Anyhow I just let her wear flip flops, sandals or tennis shoes depending on her mood and what she wants (or more often, nothing). She's 11 years old, in sixth grade in middle school, so I let her decide. She takes gymnastics which is done in her barefeet and she loves it.

My 10yo son on the other hand almost always wears shoes outside. After the trouble with Hannah, I decided to start him in shoes a year before he started school.

Best wishes with your kids, enjoy the extra time, summer vacation is approaching!



Thanks for the comment. Exie really just doesn't like her feet
constricted. She lives in flip flops and would wear them all year long if
she could! I don't mind her walking around barefoot outside a bit when she
is in the grass and what not but when she is riding bikes and playing like a
kid she has to wear shoes. I just don't want her to stub her toe or
anything like that. With the count down to walking out for the wedding
ceremony, barefoot seemed a lot better than stuffing her feet into shoes and
having her walk down with tears in her eyes! Plus, I think it added to the
charm of the whole thing. Thanks for the advice on the clear nail polish,
that is a great idea!

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 11:06 AM, wrote:

Dawn Williams

Your kids look great. I guess you've allowed Exie to go barefoot most of her younger days. Mine were the same way, and even now at ages 10 and 12, they hate wearing shoes (wearing them only for school and church). I've learned to accept it, over the past few years when I'd sometimes help them with nail polish on their toenails, I'd notice their feet have grown tougher and it doesn't seem to bother them running down the road or across the parking lot without shoes, I just keep a pair of flip flops for each in the car for hot days when the pavement is too warm.

One suggestion, it's fine for Exie to go barefoot, but it may help protect her nails if she wears nail polish, even the clear kind would work. Kids at her age like to kneel down on sidewalks, etc and they can scratch and scrape her nails. My girls always liked making pictures with colored chalk on the sidewalks and someone told me it offers some protection to use nail polish on their toenails.

I don't know about yours, but mine also love climbing trees and when they were younger, they would also argue over who would ride -in- the shopping cart.

Is Exie wants to go barefoot, let her (except for school or church or course).



I would never have guessed, in a million years, that a picture of me knitting with pink yarn would ever end up on the internet. Great! My only consolation is that none of my friends read knitting blogs (thank goodness)... and you better not tell them! It could seriously rock their world and keep them awake at night! I mean, if a guy like me can fall prey to the allure of knitting with pink yarn, what guy is safe!? Scary! :)


your kids are so freaking cute! enjoy your "me" time now that they are in school - it's funny, I'm just starting at the other end and am getting used to not having all that "me' time anymore!! Your fireside sweater is gorgeous - I queued this pattern a while ago and can't wait to see how yours turns out!


Awesome post. Cute kids, great teaching opportunity, and the fact you have time to your home projects done. Very sweet.


Awww Laura!!! I totally understand what you are feeling right now! It give me so much joy to see you happy!!! Third times a charm right? LOL How ironic..yesterday I went to the doctor with my husband and for a FRACTION of a second I thought about going back to nursing school lol. Just a fraction of a second though lol.

LOVE that he is learning to knit! LOL


Great pictures Lara! It's almost back to school time for us too, I'm excited for the kids, we recently moved to a new neighborhood/school and they haven't made any friends yet, so this will be so good for them. I've been trying to get my husband to knit...maybe if I show him Scott's picture..........


LOVE all the pictures. One day I will interest Jim in'll happen! Your kids are adorable - especially Exie. Even her pouty face is cute.


Awww, what a sweet husband you have! And not afraid to knit with pink yarn! :-)

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