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September 26, 2009


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All the pieces are coming together perfectly now! Awesome news. How exciting. I love the color of this one!!

HVAC contractors

Gorgeous shawl. The design and the color are so nice.


Beautiful color! Looks stunning as all your work does.
Also, Congratulations!!


Hi Machelle -

Thank you so much for checking in.  Things have actually been really great.  Really busy, happy and I have been knitting - I just havent posted anything yet!  But I do have a lot to post.  I just havent taken the time to do so. 

I hope you are doing well too.  I havent been blog reading much but I do need to catch up!



I have been wondering what you have been up to. I hope all things good. Have a great New Year!


Beautiful!! I love the color of this one!!




The shawl is beautiful, but congratulations - that is definitely more exciting!!!!


The shawl is beautiful. I have been wanting to cast on for Ishbel. Congratulations on getting accepted into the Nursing Program!!! It will be hard but definitely worth it.


Awesome news. How exciting. I can imagine you will be very busy. Lovely shawl, the color is so vibrant. Perfect for when the weather turns a bit cooler and you need that little extra bit of warmth.

Susan - Knitters Delight

Congratulations! You have worked hard with all of the school work you were doing. I'm glad it has paid off!




Wow! That is great news! Congratulations! Ishbel is really beautiful. Nice job!


Congrats!! All the pieces are coming together perfectly now!

Great shawl-ette! Very cute!


CONGRATULATIONS! that is fantastic news!

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