> Finished Objects 2005/2006


Photo of the pattern detail.


I made my first Clapotis out of 100% silk from The Great Adiriondack Yarn Co. I love it! The color is actually much deeper than the photo shows. This is such a fun pattern to work with.

Capelet from Loop-d-Loop: I used a cascade yarn for this and I can't remember the name. This was an easy knit and my daughter loves it.

Sophie's Sweater

This is a sweater pattern from the Loop-d-Loop book. I love this sweater. I made if from Misty Alpaca and it is soooo soft and knit up very quickly. Sophie loves it. When she has worn this sweater out, we have received many compliments on it. Most people can tell it is hand knit because of the style of the sweater.

Davis' Scarf

Davis wanted a scarf bad so I made him one....and he won't wear it because it is itchy! Davis is very picky with his his socks can't have lumps in them. Anyway, I still need to weave in the ends but this is the result. It is made fromBerocco's Hip Hop.

Trapeze Top

Other than a scarf or shawl, this is the first thing I made myself. It was pretty simple and easy and I do like it. It is made from Berocco Cotton Twist.

Somewhat Cowl was my second top down top. I love this also. The fit is great. I did do extra waist decreses but I didn't space them out far enough. You can't tell too much, but I can. It was also my first try with DPN's so the joins between the needles are a bit loose on the sleeves. Other than that, it looks great. When I make another one, those are things I will work to correct. I love the pattern and I think the top is a classic.

Shor-n-Sweet: This is from Happy Hooker. My first major crochet project besides scarves. It was fun and easy. I love this top. I haven't worn it either....but I will next spring/summer. The yarn was delicious and has a wonderful sheen. I think I may be able to wear this with long sleeves, but I am not sure. I will have to test it out.

Mobius Capelet: Another FO I have not worn - but I love! I just haven't been out to a place to wear this thing. I am not sure how it will look over a winter top but I will give it a shot. I loved this pattern and I love the outcome. I think it is so so pretty - I just need to wear it!

Sizzle - Another fabulous pattern from Knit and Tonic. This is a great top. I used the suggested yarn, Silk Bijou, and it was a great choice. The drape is amazing and this yarn knits up into an unbelievable fabric. I will make another next summer.

Tulip - This pattern is from Lisa at My Life In of Yarnplay. This is a great pattern but I hate the yarn. It grows WIDE....and I think most of us don't need growth in that direction. The top is comfortable though I do wear it. It is big, but overall it is ok. Not my favorite knit, but it would be at the top of my list if it fit better. A different yarn and the smallest size and this would be smokin'.

Another sweater from Rowan Classic Winter - This is probably the sweater I am most proud of. The entire front and back of the sweater is cabled. Cables really look harder than they are, but you have to follow those charts and you need to pay attention. I knit this for my husband, Brad. It fits him perfectly. He is not much of a sweater person, but he will find this one to be warm, comfortable and soft.

Lace Leaf Sweater - This is a Loop-d-Loop pattern. I really love this sweater, however the seaming in the middle does show a bit. Not a great design, really, as far as I am concerned. But it looks cute! I have worn this a few times and I have received compliments each time I wore it must look ok. I used the Van Dyck yarn and I would never use it again. It was splitty and heaven forbid if this sweater catches on anything. Those little plys of splitty yarn like to hook themselves onto the smallest little things.

This sweater was taken from Rowan Classic Winter and is knit in Soft Tweed. I just wore this the other day for the first time and it was sooooo comfortable! I love it. Warm and soft and perfect for a cold winter day. The pattern was quick and easy and so the sweater flew off my needles. I may think about doing this one again in another color next winter.




Lady Eleanor - I love this stole so much I can't even tell you. The colors are my favorites and the pattern was fun for me. I used Noro Silk Garden and I think I used about 8 skeins. I may knit this one again in a different colorway. I wear this all the time during the winter. I am not fond of coats so this acts like a scarf and a stole all in one - depending on how I want to wear it. I get tons of compliments on this and it feel so nice when I can tell people I knit it myself! Can you tell I am proud?

I made my mom this Cashmere Clapotis for her birthday. It is unbelievably soft. The colors are beautiful and hard to see in the picture. I was thrilled to knit this fo rher and she loves it. I am sure it will a winter staple for her.

Picovoli - I LOVE this top! The fit is absolutely perfect for me. It was my first top down knit and I have fallen in love with that style of knitting. I love that it can be tried on as you go. I did do a few more waist decreases but I can't remember how many. I used Elann Endless Summer Luna. The yarn was a bit splitty, but the overall outcome was great.


Fad Classic - I love this top. I used Thaki Cotton Classic and followed the pattern as directed. I may have added some length because I am long in the torso, but I honestly don't remember. It was fun to knit and kept me interested. I love that I can wear this in the summer as a tank or in the winter over long sleeved shirt. Very versatile.

Simple Knitted Bodice - This pattern is from Stephanie Japel and was made for Stitch Diva Studios. it is a great pattern and I think this turned out very well. It is one of my favorite knitted items. I used Tilli Tomas silk yarn in Aqua Zing. I love the color, the fit, the drape....everything about this. I was dissapointed in the fact that the pattern was not concise at all with the yardage needed for the the Rock Star beaded yarn. I needed two extra skeins on what was indicated in the pattern....that is a lot of money. If I knit this again, I would omit the beaded yarn....and I am sure it would still be beautiful.

This was a disaster. My first sweater from Loop-d-Loop knit in Lorna's Laces Revelation. It looked great on the models but it is just not a real wearable sweater. Granted, I was not an accomplished knitter and it shows in the sweater....but even if I knit this now....I think it would still be something that sits in my closet. So, I am going to let my Camille look like a shredded lollypop because this happens to look really cute on her!

Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style - I made this shawl for my Mother-in-Law who really loves it. I am soooo glad. I used Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb on size 8 needles. It was a fun knit, the repeats were easy to memorize and it blocked out beautifully. Apparantly my MIL gets compliments on this. I will knit this again.

Exie's Cardigan - I modeled this after the Girlfriend Swingcoat pattern but made many changes. It is a bit big on Exie so I am sure this will fit her better next year. But it is very cute. The bottom half is a lace pattern that I also used for Sophie's coat. I added a Hanna Silk Ribbon to top it off. I used Patagonia nature cotton and I really loved working with this yarn. Exie loves her sweater...she is very proud of it.

Marilyns Not So Shrunken Cardigan - Another pattern from Knit and Tonic. I really, really love this. It is versatile, comfortable and stylish. I loved Esebeth Lavold Silky Tweed. Such a great yarn to knit with and the drape is beautiful.

This is one of the first sweaters I made. I made it for Exie and it is a pattern from Loop-d-Loop. I was a very easy knit....and fun. I knit this in Misti Alpaca. Super soft for my little girl.

This is the Girlfriend Swing Coat from Knit and Tonic. I love this coat. It is knit in Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton and I added a lace edging on the the bottom trim, collar trim, and sleeves. The problem is getting Sophie to wear it. She is not a sweater person but this looks sooo cute on her. The pink teeth really make the outfit.

This is Chelsea from Yarnplay. I knit this in Artyarns Supermerino in colors 105 and 233. It was a very easy knit with little shaping. I love this sweater. It is super soft and very wearable.

My First Hat - This tam is a pattern from Stitch Diva Studios. I made it a year ago and finally posted about it and added it here. It is made from Lion Brand Landscapes and I like this hat except for the felted brim. Oh well. I have not yet worn it but I am considering it. I am not a hat person...well, I do wear caps to the gym - but other than that, I don't wear them. Maybe this is my chance to try them out. They just might grow on me!